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The International
Total Video Trends

The 2017 edition of the TV Key Facts will soon be available.
Place your order to get your copy upon its release

Produced in collaboration with Europe's major audience and advertising data collection institues, this indispensable annual survey is available to all of RTL AdConnect's advertising partners.
It will give you all information you need on international broadcast and digital media.

RTL AdConnect & RTL Group's essential study on TV and advertising, covering 39 countries including 35 European countries as well as India, China, the United States and Japan.

Jonas Noffz

Picassoplatz 1, 50679 Köln, Germany

Tel: 0049 221 456 21950
Email: jnoffz@rtladconnect.com
Price: 950 euros, VAT not included.

If you are a business partner, you can receive a free copy from your local RTL subsidiary.